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Dr. Manny's Database: Pucca by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Pucca
This show!! I love it with a burning passion! Pucca is incredibly easy to draw. I did redesign her at one point, but then I realized, "Why?" So I kept her the way she is.

Alex Russo said that you can't get a joke if it's silent, but Pucca is built around these kinds of jokes. Both Pucca and Garu are silent, but they're part of what makes it such a good show. I'd be lying if I said they weren't.

Series: Pucca
Dr. Manny's Database: Raffine by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Raffine
OH HO HO HO HO!! I'm gonna do another Puyo Puyo character today, so anyone who doesn't can learn more about the characters.

This is Raffine. She's one of Amitie's classmates. While Amitie is friendly towards everyone (including Raffine), Raffine responds with snide remarks and demeaning dialogue due to being from a higher social class. Her magic power is extremely low, but she can use her yellow pouch to turn martial arts into magic attacks. She tends to say "desu wa" a lot. 

Series: Puyo Puyo
Dr. Manny's Database: Robotnik by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Robotnik
"Robotnik" was the name used to refer to Dr. Eggman in Western verions of the Sonic the Hedgehog games for some time until Sonic Adventure. This version of Robotnik appeared in the cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and was voiced by the late Long John Baldry, who was also a blues singer.

This combination equaled an extremely hammy character. His rotund appearance and exploitable dialogue has made him a staple in YouTube Poops. "SnooPING AS usual, I see."

I made Robotnik a feature villain in a comic fanfiction I drew. I drew him mostly in the outfit shown above.

Series: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Dr. Manny's Database: Amitie by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Amitie
In my Database entry for Arle, I mentioned Puyo Pop Fever. Let me explain a little bit more.

After Compile went bankrupt (link), Sega got full rights to the Puyo Puyo series, after the goy non-franchise rights in 1998. Their subsidiary, Sonic Team, became the developer of all larer Puyo Puyo games. One of them was Puyo Pop Fever. 

Amitie here is the main character of the game. She's a student living in Primp Town who goes to a magic school. She hopes to become a "wonderfully clever magic user." Amitie was designed to be similar to Arle, down to sharing the same losing catchphrase. Speaking of Arle...

For a while during this time, almost ALL of the original Puyo Puyo characters were done away with; only Arle and Carbuncle remained. They somehow got transported to Primp Town through different means; Arle came during a Puyo Puyo match, but we don't know how Carbuncle got there.

Back to Amitie: Like Arle, she's a full tomboy, but also kind at heart. She's a god student, but sometimes misunderstands even simple things. She comes off as annoying, but also has a big heart, and also a knack for adventure, which is another connection to Arle. Hey, same personality is better than no personality, right?


Puyo Puyo


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I work on two comics! One is Super Railers, the other is Skeeter! You can read a few comics in my very gallery! Drawing comics, to me, is awesome!!!
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During my five years on DeviantArt, I have become used to all the shenanigans, all the hubbubs, all the llamas that are on this website. I have grown as an artist, with a diverse love of comics, video games, anime, and manga that has fueled my growth. I have many favorites on this site; however, I have limited myself to these works listed below:

Emerald Burst by DoctorMannyEmerald Burst: This was a gift for my dear friend, InkDrawnDreamer. Her Steven Universe-inspired character, Emerald; and my own character, Skeeter, are the focus here. It's a simple work, but it has the feel of a bursting sensation.

Birthday Buddies by DoctorMannyBirthday Buddies: This was another gift for InkDrawnDreamer. It's simpler than the above, but it's a sign that I really enjoy making other people's days. All of the characters from both of my comic series (Super Railers and Skeeter) are here, congratulating here. Really, it's wonderful.

The Greatest Ever by DoctorMannyThe Greatest Ever: A poster featuring Michael Jordan. It was made in Photoshop as a project during summer class. I've actually come to be pretty impressed with it. Again, it's wonderful.

Skeeter's Memorial Day by DoctorMannySkeeter's Memorial Day: A reminder from Skeeter and his friends to pay your respects on Memorial Day. It's the type of holiday that isn't to be taken lightly.

Draw This Again: Lena by DoctorMannyDraw This Again: Lena: It really shows how far I've come since 2009. You can see the improvements here.

Nightlife by DoctorMannyNightlife: One of my all time favorites. I used it as wallpaper for my computer once, and it really stood out.

Yotsuba and Caramelldansen by DoctorMannyYotsuba and Caramelldansen: Part of SonicRocksMySocks's Caramelldansen fad. I chose Yotsuba because... she's easy to draw.

Dr. Manny's Database: Raina by DoctorMannyDr. Manny's Database: Raina: Another of my all time favorites. Raina Telgemeier is an incredible artist!

Dr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet by DoctorMannyDr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet: Another favorite. Wobbuffet is my favorite Pokemon; I can relate to it so much!

Comic Crossover by DoctorMannyComic Crossover: Can you recognize come of the characters in this drawing.

Christmas Caper by DoctorMannyChristmas Caper: I have no words for it. Again, it's wonderful!


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Art Trade: DreamingChildSorako by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Christina by DoctorManny
I'm willing to draw any character you ask me to and put that drawing in my Database. Only 100 :points:!


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