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I found out an... interesting fact about Hip Hop Harry. :crazy:

PLAYER 1 has entered Dr. Manny Presents.

I was originally going to review Kappa Mikey, a show I used to love when I was younger, but I don't really remember much of it. I'm going to have to rewatch the show again before I can review it (there are episodes I still haven't seen!). Also, I feel like reviewing Kappa Mikey will be too topical during this time of year, so I'll move that review to a later time.

Until then, I'll be typing this review of my bottom 10 least favorite shows of all time. This is a serious review, being written from my own experiences; also, please be mature when you leave comments. Everyone's opinions are different, yes, but being a jerk about it is not my cup of tea. OK?

Without further ado, this is Dr. Manny's Top 10 Least Favorite Shows.

10. Planet Sheen
This show is... kind of a mixed bag for meShrug . It's a spin-off of Jimmy Neutron, and centers on - you guessed it - the hyperactive Sheen Estevez, who crash-lands on a strange planet after stowing away on Jimmy's space pod (or something. Seriously, what the heck is that thing?). I actually liked it a bit when it first came on... but now, it's a disappointment. Really, this show could've been cool... had they actually developed Sheen's character here. Instead, he's mostly his usual hyperactive self, which is a problem. Granted, there's a talking chimpanzee who's supposed to play the straight man, but even then, I didn't see it working:no:. Also, the king of that planet deciding to follow Sheen vaguely reminds me of another show - Leader Dog (You probably don't know what that is). The "villain" of that show (if you can call him that) is supposed to be constantly suffering from Sheen's mere presence - an actually painful metaphor. Overall, this show is... pretty underwhelming. It's a shame, too - there are a few things I genuinely do like about this show even now...

9. The Cleveland Show
A lame Family Guy spin-off -- which is further proof that American Dad! is the best of Seth MacFarlane's shows -- focusing on Cleveland BrownNot Impressed by DoctorManny. I get that you wanna give better billing to a supporting character, but -- as is the case with Planet Sheen above -- at least try to develop the character. Cleveland is his usual personality, which doesn't work since he previously played the straight man. His stepwife's family are all bland ghosts of the Griffin family, with a bit of the Jeffersons and The Bernie Mac Show thrown in. Only Cleveland Jr. has any effort put into him. The rest of the characters are just lazy -- one of them is a bear whose wife has Ariana Huffington's voice (I think). Just a boring, boring... boring show. And no, a Quagmire show would not be better.

8. Goober and the Ghost Chasers
Geez... :disbelief: I only saw one episode of this show, and it already left a bad mark on my sanity. Lazy animation (even for its time; at least The Flinstones and those Gene Deitch Tom and Jerry shorts didn't have cels that cut off!), wastes of the talents of really great actors (including recurring roles for the Patridge kids -- why?), and flat-out weak storytelling. Its similarity to a certain other show (they're made by the same company) is the least of its problems. This show is just lame. 

7. Hanna Montana/Hannah Montana Forever
Miley Cyrus herself is striving to be as raunchy as possible (a fact that even my little cousins cringe at, but I digress) :puke: for good reason: She wants to believe that she never starred on this show (at least, that's how I see it -- you're free to prove me wrong). When the actress whose starring role got her where she is now disowns her own show, it proves how bad it is. Lazy writing; flashy outfits (Cyrus said that the Hannah Montana role gave her "body issues" -- no doubt because of that); insipid casting (the guy who played her brother was almost thirty when the show premiered); forced romance; unfunny and predictable jokes -- oh, and this happens to be another show I liked when I was younger -- think about that. A dude liking Hannah Montana... *sigh* Disney, why did you do this to me?

6. Shake It Up
:noes: Nope. Disney, I was wrong -- why did you do this to me? At least Hanna Montana had some singing talent -- the bimbos on this show have none :nuu:. They can't dance, either. Also, as someone born in Chicago (where the show takes place), I can't help but feel a bit insultedCURSE YOU! . Also, let's not forget the crossover with (the arguably-better) Good Luck Charlie. When the show's two stars have gone on to better fame (as do many of these Disney stars, actually), a show like this becomes depressingly dated. :no:

5. Sonic Underground
What a stupid take on such an amazing character! After finishing the first episode, all I could think was, "That was not a Sonic show...:cries:" The animation is subpar. The characters are... not good -- Sonic is reduced to an idiotic, banal, and static shell of his former self, while his "siblings" and "mother" are just lazy recolors with minor tweaks to each of them. Robotnik is also banal. Musical numbers are part of this show's gimmick, but the trio's singing voices are horrible:nuu:. Clearly, Jaleel White deserves better than this!!

4. The Garfield Show
An even worse insult to a beloved character than Sonic Underground, The Garfield Show is a masterpiece of failureRage . What was once a crazy cool comic strip about a lazy, lasagna-loving, dog-kicking, orange cat that cleverly poked fun at the life of a pet owner was quickly reduced to horribly flanderized characters and banal jokes -- all very poorly timed. Garfield himself is reduced to a disgustingly bad shell of his former self, Jon is made even more stupid, and Nermal... oh my god, what did they do to him?! :noes: They roped the voice of Max Goof into voicing a horrendously awful : Rage : depiction of everyone's (least) favorite anti-Garfield. God... If you value your sanity, do not watch this. Ever.:cries:

3. Abunai Sisters Koko & Mika a monstrously not-safe-for-work "anime" about fictionalized versions of the real "Abunai Sisters," Kyoko and Mika Kano. From what I've read about them, they're essentially the Japanese equivalents to the Kardashians -- that is, these two sisters became famous by doing darn near nothing. They only thing they have going for them is their endowment... :fear: Oh boy. Their "anime" stars them as secret agents. Sounds cool, right? Wrong. The animation is on par with Foodfight! and Where the Dead Go to Die (neither of which I've seen in full), the voice acting is painful to listen to (and is in butchered English for some reason), and the gimmick to these characters is nightmarish: Their... :cries: boobs are the size of soccer balls :fear:, and a good bit of gags revolve around them. What you're in for is a horrifying insult to women, animation, and the world in general... That bad. My advice? Watch a show like One Piece, Gravity Falls, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil, not this rubbish. Disbelief 

2. Horrid Henry
Wow... this show almost made it to number one. But hey, considering that it's only one of my least favorite shows of all time, it had to rank very high on this list. I mean, this show has... so many problems jammed into one show... even more than the previous. Why's it ranked higher than the rest? Well, at least those other shows don't have lazy character designs (Koko & Mika, Goober, and Sonic Underground being the only possible exceptions), nonstop ear-rape (the characters' voices are among the worst), an aggressively contemptible joke of a main character, pitiful writing (again, the above mentioned examples being the only possible exceptions), and really, the other characters aren't much better -- except for the only good character, Fluffy the cat, who -- for some reason -- can change the time of day with a remote. :confused: It also has noticeable animation errors... like this one.Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Henroid Derp Face by DoctorManny "Horrid Henry's Holiday" has to be the single-worst episode of the whole show, if not for how unsightly, horrific, maddening, ear-destroying, rage-inducing, and completely insulting it is:angry: !! This show is bad. I mean, bad. So why is it not number one? 

Well, after much consideration, that (dis)honor goes to a special show... But first, some (dis)honorable mentions:

:( (Sad) Angela Anaconda
A show only slightly less bad than Horrid Henry. Refer to my full review of this show for my thoughts.

Crazy Hip Hop Harry
I'm sorry, what the actual heck is this? As well as ripping off Barney & Friends, we have some laughably-bad Laughing  production values and questionable characters. Why is there a giant yellow teddy bear hanging around kids? Why do said teddy bear and his "friends" need to rap? Why do they dance!? Crazy Also, Kelli Berglund was on this. :o (Eek) 

:( (Sad) The Buzz on Maggie
I remember never liking this show, even when I was younger. Yet, I watched it whenever it came on :confused:. Because it's a show about flies, it relies on light toilet humor to get by. In fact, I think this show only fueled my hatred of flies even more. To this day, I literally twitch when a fly lands on me. :crazy:

Rage The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
:cries: This show exists.
I actually don't understand why people rip on shows like Uncle Grandpa and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (both created by Pete Browngardt). Both of those shows are meant to transcend reality; Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is more-or-less a black comedy that stars creatures who are SUPPOSED to be hideous -- they are annoying in-universe and are shunned by society, while Uncle Grandpa is simply what you get when you mix psychedelia, Golden Age cartoons, and acid in a blender and pour in some Chemical X. :laughing: Both of them aren't too well for my tastes, but they succeed in their purposes -- also, they're both rated TV-PG, having aired on a channel that has been known to push boundaries :nod:. The Day My Butt Went Psycho! is a realistic show about a war between humans and their sentient buttocks :puke: that is clearly meant for children. :fear: You want kids to watch this?! :rage: To prove my point, here's a clip of what we're in for.

:o (Eek) ALVINNN! and the Chipmunks
WTH?! by DoctorManny

What the heck? These Chipmunks barely look like chipmunks!! They look more like funky little tribesmen. How fracking bizarre is this show!? We have Alvin hitting on the principal, Simon tampering with Theodore's teddy bear so he can psychologically scar Alvin :fear:, and Dave Seville finding out he was a... high school dropout? (I knew Dave was a bum, but really? You're resorting to that old cliche?) The fact that it's animated by the same studio behind Sonic Boom (OuiDo! Productions) raises more questions, like the following: "Why does this show exist?!" :icondoomed3plz:

And now, my number one least favorite show of all time is... :drumroll: 

1. Full English

I am DEAD serious...: Rage :  It has the same problem as Horrid Henry and Sonic Underground: There is no reason for this show to exist.: Rage : It wants to be Family Guy. Too many adult cartoons want to be Family Guy. Not only is that not a good idea (Mr. Pickles, Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon", 12. oz Mouse all suffer from being raunchy just for the sake of being raunchy -- as has Family Guy recently), but there's another fact -- in countries like the UK, TV shows can be a lot more risque and dark in its humor, which is how shows like The IT Crowd and -- dare I say it -- Horrid Henry are able to thrive. However, there are some lines you can't cross, and Full English has this problem. We have glorious gags such as the main character's father-in-law wanting to bone Elizabeth II :puke:, said character's imaginary friend (who is gross and annoying) trying to hang himself, and the ghosts of Princess Diana and Jade Goody duking it out after hurling insults based on their backgrounds at each other. Jawdrop  That happens. Even the Daily Mail, considered one of the worst newspapers of all time, decried this show. Really, really think about that...Disbelief Not even Richard Ayoade could save this show... That bad. :cries:

So... that was my list of least favorite show. Join me next time on Dr. Manny Presents as I take on... something. Til then, stay happy, and have a wild day!

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If you’re interested in these reviews, leave a comment or send me a note with your suggestions! I’ll reply as fast as I can!


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