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Empty Eyes by Rumay-Chian

After listening to the song of the same name, I can say that this is a deeply inspired work of art! The emotion is wholly captured in t...






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I work on two comics! One is Super Railers, the other is Skeeter! You can read a few comics in my very gallery! Drawing comics, to me, is awesome!!!

My birthday's in...



Dr. Manny's Database: Mime Jr.  by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Mime Jr.
Definitely one of the most bizarre Pokemon. It evolves into Mr. Mime, and like it, is skilled at mimicry (duh!). When I say bizarre, I mean bizarre. Seriously. I get the gist, but the dude looks like it was born through an emergency c-section, slapped up and over a million times by a pierrot, and bitten on the belly button way too many times. By any means, I don't HATE Mime Jr. (in fact, it's decent comic relief), but it's just too bizarre for mu liking. Oh, and it (and Mr. Mime) are now part Fairy-types. Apparently, mimes are fairies? :o (Eek) 

Series: Pokemon 
Dr. Manny's Database: Luigi by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Luigi
Luigi was slightly easier to draw than Mario. I was feeling bored one day, so I decided to draw the two brothers to hone my skills. They were the result.

I probably should've uploaded this earlier, but I got lazy.

-Super Mario
-Luigi's Mansion
Dr. Manny's Database: Doraemon by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Doraemon
I just started getting into Doraemon, but I can already say that I enjoy it! It's charming, unique, and it's a unique commentary on the world's over-dependence on modern technology. Really. Of course, it may all seem dated, but I can definitely understand why Doraemon's been so popular for the last half-century. Also, the art style is so nostalgic... It makes me wanna go back to that time myself.

Series: Doraemon
Dr. Manny's Database: Ash Ketchum by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Ash Ketchum
Yeah, Ash was even harder for me to draw than Mario. People are telling me that my drawing skills are good, and while I do agree (Problem? ), there are some things I might need a little extra help with. For a long time, Ash Ketchum was one of them. For one, the last time I drew him was YEARS ago, when I first started to develop my drawing skills. It looked bad. REALLY bad.

Honestly, Ash is among my all time favorite characters, but there are many who say he's pretty sucky, and really, I don't blame them. For one, he's your average "hero who always takes things head-on without thinking of the consqeuences." Well, that was much more so in the beginning, but character development has minimized that trait. Also, he used to claim to want to "catch them all," (that's where Ketchum came from), but he's only caught 68... and while there are a LOT of Pokemon now, it's know joke to say that there are some who really have caught them all. Those are MY only faults with Ash, but other than that, he's a solid character. VERY solid character.

Series: Pokemon
Dr. Manny's Database: Shin-chan by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Shin-chan
I hate to admit this, but when I was in sixth grade, I became interested in Shin-chan. Seriously. Despite its mature audience, I couldn't help but check it out. When my everyone else was asleep, I would head back downstairs, turn on the TV, crank the volume way down, and change it to Adult Swim just so I could watch it. It was definitely raunchy, but definitely funny. I even checked out the manga at one point, but I got in trouble for that. 

What's weird is that the original manga AND anime weren't as crass, as I later found out. I mean, it definitely isn't for everyone, but the crudeness was, at most, set to a fair minimum. Apparently, the version I watched classifies as a "gag dub." Oh well.

Series: Crayon Shin-chan


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Finally! After suffering from comic withdrawal on account of college for months on end, my well-deserved winter break is upon me. And what better to do during this time than to do what I do best: Drawing comics!!

Even more good news: I'm also open to art trades/requests/commissions during this time. I'm a generous guy - just lay it on me, and I'll get right on it! (All commissions are 10 :points: during this time.)

Also coming is more additions to my Dr. Manny's Database series. With my extended time, I'll be able to upload two entries daily.

So, get ready for DoctorManny overload, and Merry Christmas to you all!  


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Art Trade: DreamingChildSorako by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Christina by DoctorManny
I'm willing to draw any character you ask me to and put that drawing in my Database. Only 100 :points:!


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