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Empty Eyes by Rumay-Chian

After listening to the song of the same name, I can say that this is a deeply inspired work of art! The emotion is wholly captured in t...






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I work on two comics! One is Super Railers, the other is Skeeter! You can read a few comics in my very gallery! Drawing comics, to me, is awesome!!!


Dr. Manny's Database: Vivian James by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Vivian James
Quoth Know Your Meme:

Vivian James
is a fictional character conceived through a collaboration between 4chan‘s /v/ (video games) board and the indie game developer group The Fine Young Capitalists. The character can be viewed as an anthropomorphized avatar of the /v/ board community created in response to Zoe Quinn’s purported attack on the second-wave feminist organization The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC)[5] while they were trying to fund a Game Jam to assist women’s projects in gaming development.

By reaching at least $2000 in donations, 4chan gained the right to have a character of their design be placed in the video game that would result from TFYC’s Game Jam. When /v/ noticed that they had reached the character design reward, multiple threads where created to brainstorm for ideas. This eventually led to the idea and design for what later would become Vivian James (shown below).

It took a series of polls to eventually reach the final character design and her name. Afterwards the character design was sent over to TFYC, who subsequently shared Vivian James and her final design on their Twitter account (shown below). Some aspects present in Vivian James’ visual design represent 4chan’s /v/ board, such as her striped sweater being green and purple, a reference to the infamous daily dose images, and the four-leaf clover on her headband.

I drew this while the character (and GamerGate in general) was still making Know Your Meme headlines. And apparently, there's a palette swap of her named Lillian Woods. Man, the Internet is strange.
Dr. Manny's Database: Zargon by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Zargon
A strange bat-like creature that lives on the island that is situated near outer-space. He leads a trio of youngster on night watch sessions, disarming and defeating any intruder that dare invade the island. When Spike and his friends make it on the island on account of unforeseen factors, these critters are the first ones they meet. They later assist them in an epic battle between our heroes and an extreme traitor.

Series: Super Railers
Dr. Manny's Database: Ghost Slime by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Ghost Slime
A ghost slime. What else? He used to live in a castle, but the ruler became power-hungry and was overthrown. Oh boy.

Series: Super Railers
Dr. Manny's Database: Travis by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Travis
Original description, courtesy of OneDrive:
A pink dog under Heather's ownership. Like all dogs, Travis has a fondness for bones though he may like them a little too much. Unlike most dogs Travis can stand on his hind legs and walk like that. His pink fur is the result of such a healthy and voluminous sheening. Unbeknownst to anyone, he is also capable of speech. He's one smart dog!

Series: Super Railers; Skeeter!


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Finally! After suffering from comic withdrawal on account of college for months on end, my well-deserved winter break is upon me. And what better to do during this time than to do what I do best: Drawing comics!!

Even more good news: I'm also open to art trades/requests/commissions during this time. I'm a generous guy - just lay it on me, and I'll get right on it! (All commissions are 10 :points: during this time.)

Also coming is more additions to my Dr. Manny's Database series. With my extended time, I'll be able to upload two entries daily.

So, get ready for DoctorManny overload, and Merry Christmas to you all!  


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Art Trade: DreamingChildSorako by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet by DoctorManny
Dr. Manny's Database: Christina by DoctorManny
I'm willing to draw any character you ask me to and put that drawing in my Database. Only 100 :points:!


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